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Credit card fraud carries harsh penalties upon conviction

The holiday season can bring many things. This time of year we are often exposed to an increase in the number of news stories related to theft and fraud. This year is expected to be no different, as allegations will be made that packages were stolen from doorsteps, cars were broken into, homes were burgled and debit and credit card information was illegally obtained. That means that this holiday season, instead of enjoying time with their loved ones, many Tennesseans will find themselves on the receiving end of criminal charges.

Credit and debit card fraud in Tennessee

Fraud charges can range from minor charges to those that are considered white collar and much more serious. White collar crimes are those criminal offenses that are typically financially motivated, often utilizing one's occupation to steal money. Since many Tennessee residents and businesses work hard for their money, they oftentimes find themselves upset when funds go missing, and understandably so. These individuals and businesses then look for swift justice, which can lead to false allegations against innocent people. When this happens, an accused individual needs to fully understand the law so that he or she can create the best criminal defense they can muster.

Fighting white collar crime charges in Tennessee

Previously, this blog discussed a case where a Tennessee bank employee was accused of embezzling more than $800,000 from her employer and the bank's clients. While not all white collar crime cases involve this much money, many of them do involve individuals who are accused of stealing money while working in their professional capacity. This is no small thing, as errors are made all the time resulting in inaccurate records, improper expenditures and misplaced funds. These errors don't necessarily add up to a crime, though, even when prosecutors aggressively try to make it seem like they do.

Tennessee woman faces white collar crime charges

Many Tennesseans are entrusted with the money of others as part of their job. Servers handle cash used to pay a restaurant for food, bank tellers handle clients' money for deposit and company accountants may handle transactions and recordkeeping for large businesses. These individuals are entrusted with a significant responsibility, which means when anything goes wrong financially, these individuals may be the first subjected to accusations of criminal wrongdoing.

What is copyright infringement?

The federal government recognizes the value of the creation of artistic works, which is why copyright laws have been put into place. However, these laws are often violated, many times unintentionally. Yet, copyright infringement is treated very seriously under the law, and those who are accused of violating these laws can be confronted with serious penalties.

Legal help is essential in defense of white collar crime charges

For those in Tennessee who are arrested on white collar crime charges, it is important to understand that the penalties can be as severe or worse than criminal acts that are more frequently discussed and referenced in the news like drug involvement and violence. Acts that are included in this category are internet crime, fraud, identity theft, embezzling and other acts that are not violent, but are substantially damaging to the victim and can result in large fines, jail time and more for the alleged perpetrator. A strong defense is vital to effectively confront these charges.

Care provider arrested for forgery and identity theft

Crimes involving identity theft, forgery and similar acts are usually perceived as having to do with large schemes in dark rooms and corporate entities. However, Nashville residents can also be charged with white collar crimes for committing the above-mentioned acts as well as other illegal activities in individual situations such as working for someone in their home. Whether the arrest is made as part of an investigation into a major enterprise with many participants or involves as few as two people, it is vital to craft a strong legal defense to avoid the harshest penalties.

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