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What is the horizontal gaze nystagmus test?

Sometimes it can feel as if police are like vultures, circling, looking for any misstep that could allow them to take action. This can appear to be especially true when it comes to traffic violations. Whether an individual drives slightly above the speed limit, fails to completely stop at a stop sign or momentarily crosses the centerline, a police officer could find it to be serious enough to initiate a traffic stop. As minor as that may seem, for many motorists in Tennessee, these stops could lead to DUI charges.

We advocate for those accused of drunk driving

Previously, this blog discussed the consequences that could result when a minor is found guilty of drinking and driving. The penalties can be significant, including license suspension for a year or more for a first offense. Additionally, a minor may be required to pay a fine, engage in community service and face the consequences of having a criminal conviction on his or her record.

What are the penalties for underage DUI in Tennessee?

With the end of school for the summer in Tennessee, more and more young people will be out and about on the roadways. For some, this might mean having an alcoholic drink and choosing to get behind the wheel. It might simply involve possessing alcohol. The circumstances of this type of situation can vary. But what must be understood with possessing alcohol, underage drunk driving or underage DUI is the negative influence it can have on a juvenile's future. When there is an arrest, minors can face many penalties based on the circumstances. Knowing these penalties can help with a defense.

Law enforcement officer faces DUI charge after crashing cruiser

In Tennessee, the general way in which drunk driving charges are lodged is if a law enforcement officer stops a vehicle and investigates a driver whom he or she believes was driving while intoxicated. From there, the driver will be spoken to, given tests to determine the amount of alcohol in the blood, or BAC level, and, if necessary, the arrest will be made. However, it is important to remember that everyone is subject to the laws against driving under the influence and there are times when a person who is supposed to be enforcing the law ends up being arrested and charged with being a drunk driver.

Man arrested for operating under the influence on his boat

Drunk driving charges in Nashville and throughout Tennessee are often viewed as related to driving a car, but they can involve other vehicles as well. Operating a boat under the influence can also lead to charges and those who are confronted by them must be aware of their consequences and lodge a defense. Frequently, drunk driving charges of any vehicle will lead to other offenses unrelated to the initial investigation. This makes it even more essential to have legal assistance from someone experienced in multiple aspects of the law.

Attempted texting and driving stop leads to OUI, other charges

For some cases involving a driver placed under arrest for operating under the influence in Nashville, it starts with something totally unrelated to an investigation into an OUI offense. There could be a different alleged violation that sparked the traffic stop and the subsequent examination of the situation resulted in an arrest. For those who have been placed under arrest for drunk driving or drugged driving, it is important to understand the penalties that can accompany a conviction and that the case and its outcome can hinge on a variety of factors including whether it was a legal traffic stop.

Monitoring requirements for an ignition interlock device

For Tennesseans who are arrested for drunk driving charges, one of the penalties that might be assessed is the installation of an ignition interlock device on the person's vehicle. This device is meant to prevent the person from driving by requiring that there be a test for blood alcohol content level before the vehicle will start. It is also necessary that the driver blow into the device at certain intervals to ensure that he or she was not drinking from the time of the previous test after the vehicle had started.

Two face drunk driving charges in separate, but linked, crashes

Tennesseans who are confronted with drunk driving charges will have a lot to think about as they begin to plan for a defense. Since being charged with drunk driving carries with it penalties like fines, the loss of driving privileges and even a jail sentence, it is imperative to have a sound defense to try and avoid the worst-case scenario. While being charged with driving under the influence is serious, it does not automatically mean the person is guilty. Knowing how to combat these charges is essential for the future.

Does Tennessee drunk driving law allow passengers to imbibe?

Most states don't allow the presence of open containers of alcohol in a moving vehicle. Even if the container is empty, if it's found in the vehicle by authorities at the time of a stop, it could result in you being charged with an open container violation. That might be in addition to a charge of drunk driving.

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