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Nashville man facing serious drug charges

It's no secret that an opiate epidemic is taking the nation by storm. While this may mean that drug overdoses and state involvement to protect children may increase, it also means that more individuals are facing opiate-related drug charges. In an attempt to curtail opiates, law enforcement and prosecutors are aggressively pursuing those they believe are contributing to the epidemic. Those on the receiving end of these pursuits can find themselves staring at the possibility of being incarcerated for a significant period of time.

Nashville firm aggressively defending drug crime defendants

Despite the fact that many states are relaxing their drug laws, particularly with regards to marijuana, law enforcement officials and prosecutors continue to crack down on those they believe have committed drug crimes. Although these offenses can fall anywhere on a spectrum of severity, all of them pose the threat for significant penalties.

Two men arrested in Nashville on multiple drug charges

Drug crimes carry significant penalties when an individual is convicted of these charges. These penalties oftentimes include long prison sentences, financially ruinous fine and catastrophic damage to one's reputation that can be difficult, even impossible, to repair. For this reason, those who are accused of a drug crime need to ensure that they are crafting the best criminal defense they can muster given the circumstances.

What is a drug diversion program?

Drug charges are still very common in Tennessee. These offenses, just like others, fall on a sliding scale of severity. Some individuals are faced with allegations of drug trafficking, which can result in years or even decades behind bars if convicted. Others, though, are only accused of minor drug charges, such as possession. In these instances, and when it looks like an individual may not prevail at trial, it may be wise to consider alternative resolution options.

The penalties for marijuana possession

Although many states have relaxed their laws related to marijuana, Tennessee continues to prosecute those who violate state laws regarding marijuana. Although marijuana possession is a relatively minor offense in the realm of drug crimes, it can still have a significant impact on an individual's life. For this reason, those who are hit with drug charges need to ensure that they put forth a strong criminal defense in hopes of protecting their future as fully as possible.

Criminal defense and suppressing evidence

If you're being charged with a criminal offense, then the prosecution probably has evidence that it feels is strong enough to obtain a conviction. Since a conviction can bring a whole host of penalties to your doorstep, including prison, fines and damage to your reputation, you need to do everything you can to try to draw that evidence into question. Although you can try to point out witnesses' biases and put forth an alibi, one of the best ways to secure a strong criminal defense is by suppressing evidence.

Man arrested on numerous weapons and drug charges

An arrest for allegations related to drugs in Tennessee can come in many different forms and the circumstances will determine how severe the charges are. People who have been arrested before must be vigilant to this reality. Some allegations carry with them serious consequences. Others are lower level and allow the possibility for the person to reduce charges. No matter what kind of drug charges are alleged, everyone who was placed under arrest for drugs must make sure to lodge a defense from the beginning.

Woman faces multiple drug charges after traffic accident

When a Nashville resident is charged with crimes related to drugs, they can quickly spiral out of control and lead to long-term problems and consequences. Often, the initial charges are worsened by allegations against the person after the arrest. With any drug charges, those who have been arrested need to be cognizant of the penalties they might face if they are convicted. In many instances, it is possible to take a plea arrangement or to receive treatment in lieu of incarceration. These are all aspects of a defense that must be understood from the start.

Winds of change on marijuana aren't blowing in Tennessee

Considering the shifts in the social landscape seen in the past few years, it may be tempting to think that attitudes are evolving at lightening speeds. That may be true in some cases. The legalizing of same-sex marriage happened quickly. The same cannot be said when it comes to legalizing marijuana, at least not in Tennessee.

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