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Violating protective order can result in additional penalties

For some Tennesseans, it doesn't take much to spark a domestic dispute. Whether it's related to money, infidelity or simply butting personalities, heated exchanges can take place. When lines are crossed and these arguments become physical in nature, criminal charges may follow. Typically, along with domestic assault charges come protective orders. It is important that those who have been accused of domestic violence understand what these protective orders entail, as violating them can constitute another criminal offense.

Former NFL player charged in domestic violence case

Almost everyone gets into a disagreement with their significant other at some point in their relationship. In most instances, these disputes remain verbal in nature and are nothing more than mere arguments that are quickly resolved. Other times, though, these spats turn physical. When this happens, individuals can wind up injured which, in turn, can lead to police involvement. Depending on the story that is told to the police, a person involved in the domestic dispute could wind up facing criminal charges.

How does Tennessee define domestic assault?

Violence can happen between and among a wide variety of people. In some cases, this can occur between those is a romantic or familial relationship. In Tennessee, domestic violence is legally referred to as domestic assault. This crime, when alleged against an individual, can have significant consequences. A mere charge can damage an individual's reputation, and the possibility of conviction leaves an accused individual facing the very real risk of being sent to jail. In other words, when accused of domestic assault, Tennesseans have a lot on the line.

Man accused of 2014 Nashville murder

Some people say that the wheels of justice turn slowly. This may be true in some instances, but in other cases, time does nothing more than give rise to situations where innocent individuals wind up accused of terrible crimes. In the intervening time between the alleged offense and arrest, physical evidence can go missing, witnesses may disappear or lose their credibility and victims' memories may have clouded. This is all ammunition that an accused individual may be able to use to his advantage.

Who can face domestic assault charges and how is it classified?

There is a natural stigma against those who are confronted with domestic assault charges in Tennessee. Because the penalties can go beyond having to deal with the legal system and evolve to involving the way a person is viewed, negatively affect their work situation and be a long-term problem, it is essential that anyone charged in a domestic incident understand how the charges can come about, how the penalties are classified and lodge a strong defense to rectify the situation as best as possible.

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