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More than your driver's license may be at risk with a DUI

You may be one of many Tennessee residents whose job requires a special license or certification. Such jobs are often vocations rather than careers, such as teaching or practicing medicine. Various types of situations could place your professional license at risk. For instance, if you face criminal charges, such as DUI, and the court hands down a conviction, you may have a difficult time keeping your current job as well as finding a new job down the line.

Sobering facts regarding inaccurate field sobriety tests

Are you one of many Tennessee residents who never quite grew out of the clumsy stage of their pubescent years? If so, you've more than likely experienced more than one embarrassing moment in which you tripped over your own two feet. Overall, it's not really a problem other than small injuries to your pride, except of course, if a police officer is asking you why you can't seem to successfully balance on one foot.

Keeping your liquor license safe

Owning a bar is not like what you may see on TV sitcoms. In these shows, bar owners stand idly chatting with patrons, wiping the counter and paying little attention to what is happening in the room. If you are interested in owning your own bar, you probably have experience in the industry and can attest that this portrayal is rarely accurate.

DUI convictions mean mandatory jail time in Tennessee

As someone who enjoys having the occasional night out with friends to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, you likely understand that such activities come with certain risks. For instance, even if you do not feel impaired, if you get behind the wheel of a vehicle and an officer considers you intoxicated, you could face a serious predicament. Handling such an issue may seem daunting.

Types of white collar crime

Many people use the term "white collar crime" without really understanding what it means. You, like others, may assume that it encompasses crimes committed by business executives and managers. That may be true, but only in part.

Are the penalties for a second DUI twice as severe?

Facing any type of criminal charge is a daunting and overwhelming prospect, especially when charged with the same crime for the second time. This is particularly true for a drunk driving offense in Tennessee. The state laws take a strong stance against repeat drunk driving offenders, and you would be wise to take quick action to defend yourself against potential penalties. 

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