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Nashville firm aggressively defending drug crime defendants

Despite the fact that many states are relaxing their drug laws, particularly with regards to marijuana, law enforcement officials and prosecutors continue to crack down on those they believe have committed drug crimes. Although these offenses can fall anywhere on a spectrum of severity, all of them pose the threat for significant penalties.

Those who are convicted of a drug crime can face years even decades in prison, and they may also be slapped with a fine that can leave them with financial uncertainty for a long time. Additionally, a conviction for a drug offense can ruin your record, making it difficult for you to carry on with your life even after you pay your debt to society. If convicted, especially on a felony charge, you could wind up facing difficulties in finding employment and housing.

Thus, if you are accused of a drug crime, similar to the individuals discussed in a prior post on this blog, then you may want to consider your criminal defense options. There are a number of ways that you can challenge a prosecution's case, but the best option will be dependent upon the facts at hand. However, in order to pursue the best legal avenue available to you, you need to know the law, how to identify the prosecution's weaknesses, and how to craft persuasive legal arguments.

At Rob McGuire Law, we use our years of experience to give the best legal representation we can muster to those who have been accused of a crime, including drug crimes. We know how to utilize the law to our clients' benefit, which may mean trying to show that the prosecution cannot prove every statutory element of the charged offense, or we will attempt to suppress evidence due to an illegal search and seizure.

Of course, in order to develop a strong criminal defense for our clients, we need to speak with them to gain a full understanding of the circumstances at hand. Once informed of the facts, we can advise our clients as to their legal options. Then, once they decide how to proceed, we aggressively advocate on their behalf, keeping our eyes on the goal of obtaining an acquittal, dismissed charges or reduced charges that carry less significant penalties. Those who wish to learn more about our firm can continue to browse our webpage.

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