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November 2017 Archives

Nashville man facing serious drug charges

It's no secret that an opiate epidemic is taking the nation by storm. While this may mean that drug overdoses and state involvement to protect children may increase, it also means that more individuals are facing opiate-related drug charges. In an attempt to curtail opiates, law enforcement and prosecutors are aggressively pursuing those they believe are contributing to the epidemic. Those on the receiving end of these pursuits can find themselves staring at the possibility of being incarcerated for a significant period of time.

Violating protective order can result in additional penalties

For some Tennesseans, it doesn't take much to spark a domestic dispute. Whether it's related to money, infidelity or simply butting personalities, heated exchanges can take place. When lines are crossed and these arguments become physical in nature, criminal charges may follow. Typically, along with domestic assault charges come protective orders. It is important that those who have been accused of domestic violence understand what these protective orders entail, as violating them can constitute another criminal offense.

What are the elements of burglary in Tennessee?

Because there are laws that protect the property of individuals, there are also laws in place to punish those who take property that is not theirs. Property crimes are treated quite seriously in Tennessee. Law enforcement and prosecutors are both aggressive when it comes to trying to catch and convict those they believe have committed a property related crime. This means that those who are accused of a property crime such as theft or vandalism need to ensure that they are doing everything they can to protect their legal rights and raise doubt as to their guilt. To do so, these individuals need to look at the statutory language of the crime they are being charged with. After doing so, they may have a better idea of how to approach their criminal defense.

Former NFL player charged in domestic violence case

Almost everyone gets into a disagreement with their significant other at some point in their relationship. In most instances, these disputes remain verbal in nature and are nothing more than mere arguments that are quickly resolved. Other times, though, these spats turn physical. When this happens, individuals can wind up injured which, in turn, can lead to police involvement. Depending on the story that is told to the police, a person involved in the domestic dispute could wind up facing criminal charges.

Sobering facts regarding inaccurate field sobriety tests

Are you one of many Tennessee residents who never quite grew out of the clumsy stage of their pubescent years? If so, you've more than likely experienced more than one embarrassing moment in which you tripped over your own two feet. Overall, it's not really a problem other than small injuries to your pride, except of course, if a police officer is asking you why you can't seem to successfully balance on one foot.

Nashville firm aggressively defending drug crime defendants

Despite the fact that many states are relaxing their drug laws, particularly with regards to marijuana, law enforcement officials and prosecutors continue to crack down on those they believe have committed drug crimes. Although these offenses can fall anywhere on a spectrum of severity, all of them pose the threat for significant penalties.

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