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Two men arrested in Nashville on multiple drug charges

Drug crimes carry significant penalties when an individual is convicted of these charges. These penalties oftentimes include long prison sentences, financially ruinous fine and catastrophic damage to one's reputation that can be difficult, even impossible, to repair. For this reason, those who are accused of a drug crime need to ensure that they are crafting the best criminal defense they can muster given the circumstances.

Two Nashville men are in need of a strong criminal defense after being taken into custody on multiple drug, gun and money laundering charges. The arrests came after police claim they conducted a six-month long investigation that identified the accused individuals as heroin dealers. Both men were taken into custody after their respective vehicles were stopped by police and subsequently searched. The authorities claim that one vehicle yielded $58,000 in case, a gun and multiple cell phones. The other man's vehicle allegedly contained nearly 100 grams of heroin, $20,000 in case, and a gun.

But the searches didn't end there. A search of one of the men allegedly led to the recovery of 30 grams of heroin, and another search of one of the men's homes allegedly led to the discovery of more than a pound of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Both men are currently being held on bond and will later have their day in court.

Of course, no matter how damaging evidence allegedly gathered by the police may seem, there may still be criminal defense options available to an accused individual. For example, an illegal search and seizure may result in the suppression of evidence, thereby crippling a prosecution's case. Another defense option may be to negotiate for lesser charges with less severe penalties.

Regardless of which path a defendant chooses to take, either litigating in hopes of an acquittal or plea bargaining, it is often beneficial to have the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney who can help craft aggressive legal arguments in hopes of protecting an individual's legal rights and future.

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