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How does Tennessee define domestic assault?

Violence can happen between and among a wide variety of people. In some cases, this can occur between those is a romantic or familial relationship. In Tennessee, domestic violence is legally referred to as domestic assault. This crime, when alleged against an individual, can have significant consequences. A mere charge can damage an individual's reputation, and the possibility of conviction leaves an accused individual facing the very real risk of being sent to jail. In other words, when accused of domestic assault, Tennesseans have a lot on the line.

Therefore, these individuals need to know how to craft a strong criminal defense. The first step in this process is understanding the law. Under Tennessee law, domestic assault occurs when an individual assaults another person who holds a certain relationship to the perpetrator. This relationship may include spouses and ex-spouses, dating partners, sexual partners, cohabitants, relatives that are both related by blood and by law or children.

Assault, generally speaking, is defined under the law as injuring another individual through intentional or reckless physical contact. Therefore, in order for prosecutors to obtain a conviction, they must prove a number of factors. First, they must show that the alleged victim was injured in some way by acts of the accused. Second, prosecutors must show that the accused individual committed those acts on purpose, or they had a certain degree of disregard for the other person's safety. Lastly, before a conviction can be obtained, prosecutors must show that the alleged victim held one of the relationships described above.

Any of these elements can be attacked. More often than not in these situations, though, a defendant will probably claim self-defense. This defense tactic may be especially persuasive in instances where both parties were combative. However, before making any indication of causing harm to an alleged victim, or taking any physical actions towards an alleged victim, an accused individual may want to discuss his or her criminal defense options.

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