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Tennessee's vandalism laws

Tennessee has a number of laws on the books to help ensure that personal and public property is kept safe. Of course, where there are laws, there are often false allegations and abuses of power, which is why it is important for Tennesseans to have a firm understanding of the law, particularly if they have been charged with a criminal offense. By having a grasp on the applicable statutes, a criminal defendant can start to develop a strategy that works best for his or her particular set of circumstances.

Two men arrested in Nashville on multiple drug charges

Drug crimes carry significant penalties when an individual is convicted of these charges. These penalties oftentimes include long prison sentences, financially ruinous fine and catastrophic damage to one's reputation that can be difficult, even impossible, to repair. For this reason, those who are accused of a drug crime need to ensure that they are crafting the best criminal defense they can muster given the circumstances.

How does Tennessee define domestic assault?

Violence can happen between and among a wide variety of people. In some cases, this can occur between those is a romantic or familial relationship. In Tennessee, domestic violence is legally referred to as domestic assault. This crime, when alleged against an individual, can have significant consequences. A mere charge can damage an individual's reputation, and the possibility of conviction leaves an accused individual facing the very real risk of being sent to jail. In other words, when accused of domestic assault, Tennesseans have a lot on the line.

Credit and debit card fraud in Tennessee

Fraud charges can range from minor charges to those that are considered white collar and much more serious. White collar crimes are those criminal offenses that are typically financially motivated, often utilizing one's occupation to steal money. Since many Tennessee residents and businesses work hard for their money, they oftentimes find themselves upset when funds go missing, and understandably so. These individuals and businesses then look for swift justice, which can lead to false allegations against innocent people. When this happens, an accused individual needs to fully understand the law so that he or she can create the best criminal defense they can muster.

Keeping your liquor license safe

Owning a bar is not like what you may see on TV sitcoms. In these shows, bar owners stand idly chatting with patrons, wiping the counter and paying little attention to what is happening in the room. If you are interested in owning your own bar, you probably have experience in the industry and can attest that this portrayal is rarely accurate.

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