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Nashville firm representing those accused of theft

Being criminally charged for stealing or some other type of property crime is no small matter. As we discussed a few weeks ago on the blog, a conviction for theft can result in serious penalties, including incarceration, fines and damage to an individual's reputation for years, perhaps even decades, to come. Of course, merely being charged with a criminal offense is not the same as being convicted, as every defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a high bar that the prosecution must clear before obtaining a conviction, which means that most defendants have many criminal defense strategies available to them.

There are essentially two ways to approach a criminal charge. The first way is to admit some guilt, but negotiate with prosecutors in hopes of obtaining less harsh penalties. In some instances, this is the best tactic, especially when the evidence against a defendant is solid. The other defense approach is to litigate the matter in hopes of obtaining an acquittal. Here, it is crucial that a defendant knows how to successfully attack the prosecution's evidence, whether it be physical or testimonial in nature.

Both approaches require competent legal skills coupled with aggressive advocacy. The legal team at Rob McGuire Law is dedicated to helping those who have been accused of criminal wrongdoing fight to protect not only their legal rights, but their future. To do so, we carefully analyze every client's case, looking for prosecutorial weaknesses and exploiting them. We take pride in our record of obtaining favorable outcomes for our clients, as it shows that our zealous advocacy as paid off for many.

Of course, no criminal defense attorney can promise a particular outcome in any case. Yet, at our firm, we promise to give each client the individualized attention they deserve. This means that when they walk out of our office, they can feel confident that they received an honest assessment of their legal situation and obtained a firm understanding of how our firm would approach their case. Hopefully then they can make a decision regarding legal representation that is right for them.

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