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Nashville case illustrates perpetrator identification issues

Prosecutors have many techniques that they can utilize in an attempt to obtain a criminal conviction. They often turn to witness accounts as well as physical evidence, such as fingerprints and DNA, to build their case. Although this evidence may seem extremely damaging to a defendant, there may be criminal defense options available to him or her, depending on the circumstances. This is often the case when the police overstep their roles and act inappropriately in their investigations.

Such actions are at the center of a recent case where a man has been accused of attacking a woman in a Nashville park. According to the accused man, the police were improperly suggestive when obtaining an identification from the victim. The man's defense team claims that the woman's recollection was tainted when the investigating detective showed the victim an artist's rendering of her description of the assailant next to one other photo: that of the accused individual. The defense also claims that the detective told the woman to point out the man in court when asked to identify the perpetrator of the crime.

The prosecution, of course, refutes these arguments. They argue that the woman has previously provided accurate descriptions of the accused individual, and that the attack occurred in such a way that the victim was able to clearly see her attacker. The defense counters that there are other witness accounts that contradict the woman's identification of the accused individual. The defense has asked the judge to disallow the victim from identifying the defendant as her attacker.

The judge has yet to rule on this matter, but as one can see, these pre-trial motions can be critical to the outcome of a case. Therefore, even when the evidence against an individual seems insurmountable, there may be tactics that can be utilized to obtain a favorable outcome. Those who want to learn more about their criminal defense options and how best to try to avoid harsh penalties can discuss their case with an experienced attorney. Asserting a strong defense is a defendant's best opportunity to reduce or even dismiss the charges against them.

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