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Nashville firm representing those accused of theft

Being criminally charged for stealing or some other type of property crime is no small matter. As we discussed a few weeks ago on the blog, a conviction for theft can result in serious penalties, including incarceration, fines and damage to an individual's reputation for years, perhaps even decades, to come. Of course, merely being charged with a criminal offense is not the same as being convicted, as every defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a high bar that the prosecution must clear before obtaining a conviction, which means that most defendants have many criminal defense strategies available to them.

Man accused of 2014 Nashville murder

Some people say that the wheels of justice turn slowly. This may be true in some instances, but in other cases, time does nothing more than give rise to situations where innocent individuals wind up accused of terrible crimes. In the intervening time between the alleged offense and arrest, physical evidence can go missing, witnesses may disappear or lose their credibility and victims' memories may have clouded. This is all ammunition that an accused individual may be able to use to his advantage.

What is a drug diversion program?

Drug charges are still very common in Tennessee. These offenses, just like others, fall on a sliding scale of severity. Some individuals are faced with allegations of drug trafficking, which can result in years or even decades behind bars if convicted. Others, though, are only accused of minor drug charges, such as possession. In these instances, and when it looks like an individual may not prevail at trial, it may be wise to consider alternative resolution options.

What constitutes theft in Tennessee?

Most Tennesseans have a feel for what constitutes theft. To these individuals, it is merely taking something that doesn't belong to you. However, the law is much more nuanced. This means that it is more difficult for prosecutors to prove that theft has occurred, as they must prove every element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Oftentimes this leaves open the opportunity to utilize certain criminal defense techniques that may result in either lesser penalties or,perhaps an acquittal.

Is your nursing license at risk because of poor documentation?

Throughout your nursing training, you probably heard of countless occasions of the importance of accurate patient documentation. Not only does careful recording of your observations and actions provide your other team members with a roadmap of your patient's care, it also provides a log of treatment that can be presented to defend you and your co-workers from accusations of substandard care.

Nashville case illustrates perpetrator identification issues

Prosecutors have many techniques that they can utilize in an attempt to obtain a criminal conviction. They often turn to witness accounts as well as physical evidence, such as fingerprints and DNA, to build their case. Although this evidence may seem extremely damaging to a defendant, there may be criminal defense options available to him or her, depending on the circumstances. This is often the case when the police overstep their roles and act inappropriately in their investigations.

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