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Fighting white collar crime charges in Tennessee

Previously, this blog discussed a case where a Tennessee bank employee was accused of embezzling more than $800,000 from her employer and the bank's clients. While not all white collar crime cases involve this much money, many of them do involve individuals who are accused of stealing money while working in their professional capacity. This is no small thing, as errors are made all the time resulting in inaccurate records, improper expenditures and misplaced funds. These errors don't necessarily add up to a crime, though, even when prosecutors aggressively try to make it seem like they do.

Those who are accused of a white collar crime need to carefully consider their criminal defense options, as there may be a lot on the line. A conviction could land an accused individual in prison for years, and he or she may have to pay a fine that can lead to financial ruin. Additionally, a conviction can seriously damage an individual's reputation and hinder his or her ability to find secure housing and employment in the future.

Of course, the type of criminal defense one puts forth is dependent upon the facts of the case at hand. Sometimes investigators mishandle information, which could lead to the suppression of evidence, and other times witnesses are dishonest when testifying. At Rob McGuire Law, our team knows which legal strategies will leave a defendant best positioned to avoid the penalties hanging over his or her head. We are competent at handling all aspects of litigation, including attacking the prosecution's witnesses and evidence on credibility grounds. On the other side, when the evidence seems insurmountable, we aggressively negotiate plea bargains for our clients so that they can avoid the harshest penalties that could await them in the event of conviction.

In the end, our clients choose which criminal defense option is best for them. But we work hard to ensure they know every decision available to them. Then, once a path is selected, we zealously advocate for our clients. Those who want to learn more about our firm, who we are and our record of success should visit our website.

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