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Fighting white collar crime charges in Tennessee

Previously, this blog discussed a case where a Tennessee bank employee was accused of embezzling more than $800,000 from her employer and the bank's clients. While not all white collar crime cases involve this much money, many of them do involve individuals who are accused of stealing money while working in their professional capacity. This is no small thing, as errors are made all the time resulting in inaccurate records, improper expenditures and misplaced funds. These errors don't necessarily add up to a crime, though, even when prosecutors aggressively try to make it seem like they do.

The penalties for marijuana possession

Although many states have relaxed their laws related to marijuana, Tennessee continues to prosecute those who violate state laws regarding marijuana. Although marijuana possession is a relatively minor offense in the realm of drug crimes, it can still have a significant impact on an individual's life. For this reason, those who are hit with drug charges need to ensure that they put forth a strong criminal defense in hopes of protecting their future as fully as possible.

What is the horizontal gaze nystagmus test?

Sometimes it can feel as if police are like vultures, circling, looking for any misstep that could allow them to take action. This can appear to be especially true when it comes to traffic violations. Whether an individual drives slightly above the speed limit, fails to completely stop at a stop sign or momentarily crosses the centerline, a police officer could find it to be serious enough to initiate a traffic stop. As minor as that may seem, for many motorists in Tennessee, these stops could lead to DUI charges.

DUI convictions mean mandatory jail time in Tennessee

As someone who enjoys having the occasional night out with friends to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, you likely understand that such activities come with certain risks. For instance, even if you do not feel impaired, if you get behind the wheel of a vehicle and an officer considers you intoxicated, you could face a serious predicament. Handling such an issue may seem daunting.

Tennessee woman faces white collar crime charges

Many Tennesseans are entrusted with the money of others as part of their job. Servers handle cash used to pay a restaurant for food, bank tellers handle clients' money for deposit and company accountants may handle transactions and recordkeeping for large businesses. These individuals are entrusted with a significant responsibility, which means when anything goes wrong financially, these individuals may be the first subjected to accusations of criminal wrongdoing.

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