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Understanding the right to remain silent

The criminal law system exists to punish those who are deemed guilty of having committed specified criminal offenses. Yet, the law also seeks to balance the interest in public safety with the protection of governmental overreach. Therefore, laws related to searches and seizures, suspect interviews and even the rules of evidence seek to ensure fairness. When a criminal defendant's rights are violated, he or she may be in a difficult position facing severe penalties that may include prison, fines and damage to his or her reputation. Therefore, it is critical that individuals know their rights and how best to protect them.

Criminal defense and suppressing evidence

If you're being charged with a criminal offense, then the prosecution probably has evidence that it feels is strong enough to obtain a conviction. Since a conviction can bring a whole host of penalties to your doorstep, including prison, fines and damage to your reputation, you need to do everything you can to try to draw that evidence into question. Although you can try to point out witnesses' biases and put forth an alibi, one of the best ways to secure a strong criminal defense is by suppressing evidence.

We advocate for those accused of drunk driving

Previously, this blog discussed the consequences that could result when a minor is found guilty of drinking and driving. The penalties can be significant, including license suspension for a year or more for a first offense. Additionally, a minor may be required to pay a fine, engage in community service and face the consequences of having a criminal conviction on his or her record.

What is copyright infringement?

The federal government recognizes the value of the creation of artistic works, which is why copyright laws have been put into place. However, these laws are often violated, many times unintentionally. Yet, copyright infringement is treated very seriously under the law, and those who are accused of violating these laws can be confronted with serious penalties.

Types of white collar crime

Many people use the term "white collar crime" without really understanding what it means. You, like others, may assume that it encompasses crimes committed by business executives and managers. That may be true, but only in part.

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