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What are the penalties for underage DUI in Tennessee?

With the end of school for the summer in Tennessee, more and more young people will be out and about on the roadways. For some, this might mean having an alcoholic drink and choosing to get behind the wheel. It might simply involve possessing alcohol. The circumstances of this type of situation can vary. But what must be understood with possessing alcohol, underage drunk driving or underage DUI is the negative influence it can have on a juvenile's future. When there is an arrest, minors can face many penalties based on the circumstances. Knowing these penalties can help with a defense.

For people age 13 to 17, a conviction for a first offense drunk driving can result in a driver's license suspension for one year or until the juvenile reaches age 17 - whichever lasts longer. The person can apply with the court for the suspension being withdrawn earlier after 90 days have been served. For a second offense, the license suspension will be for two years until the person reaches age 18, whichever is longer.

An early withdrawal of the suspension can be requested after one year. There can be a restricted license after a first offense at the discretion of the court. The second offense requires there be a yearlong suspension before eligibility for a restricted license. The penalties for underage possession of alcohol are the same.

For people age 16 to 20, underage DUI will result in a revoked license for one year with no provision to receive a restricted license. There will be a fine of $250. The court has the right to impose public service work. When a juvenile is arrested for drunk driving or DUI with drugs, it is imperative to understand the long-term consequences that can arise from a conviction. A legal professional can assist with formulating a defense to try and avoid the harshest penalties.

Source:, "DUI Offenses -- Penalties for drug and alcohol-related offenses committed by minors," accessed on June 19, 2017

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