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Woman faces multiple drug charges after traffic accident

When a Nashville resident is charged with crimes related to drugs, they can quickly spiral out of control and lead to long-term problems and consequences. Often, the initial charges are worsened by allegations against the person after the arrest. With any drug charges, those who have been arrested need to be cognizant of the penalties they might face if they are convicted. In many instances, it is possible to take a plea arrangement or to receive treatment in lieu of incarceration. These are all aspects of a defense that must be understood from the start.

A 31-year-old woman was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs after a car accident. The investigating officer collected the drugs and money from the woman after the accident and placed them in the patrol car. When the woman had been transported to the jail, however, the officer found that these items had been removed from the vehicle. The woman is alleged to have taken the money and hid it on her person. She is also accused of ingesting the drugs. The charges have subsequently gone beyond what they initially were to include tampering with evidence and introducing contraband into jail.

An arrest related to drugs can quickly spiral into multiple issues. If the person was arrested and charged with possession and then is found to have taken part in other activities related to drugs, it can lead to a long incarceration, hefty fines and issues that will hamper their lives for an extended period. It can hinder a person's ability to get a job, be admitted to institutions of higher education and more. For those who have been arrested for drug crimes, legal help is one of the most important factors in dealing with a case. This is true regardless of the allegations whether it was possession, sale, the trafficking of large quantities or drugs or manufacturing drugs.

In this case, a woman is alleged to have made a bad situation, in which she was being arrested for DUI, worse when it is said that she ingested the drugs and hid the money that an officer confiscated from her. It would be in her best interests to consider a deal to reduce charges or to enter a drug diversion program if possible. There are many ways in which a defense can be formulated. Perhaps law enforcement did not follow the correct procedures; it might have been that the case was a misunderstanding. Regardless, the first and most important step is to secure legal assistance from a qualified and experienced lawyer.

Source:, "Dickson County woman steals evidence from Patrol Car," Danielle Butler, April 24, 2017

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