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April 2017 Archives

Woman faces multiple drug charges after traffic accident

When a Nashville resident is charged with crimes related to drugs, they can quickly spiral out of control and lead to long-term problems and consequences. Often, the initial charges are worsened by allegations against the person after the arrest. With any drug charges, those who have been arrested need to be cognizant of the penalties they might face if they are convicted. In many instances, it is possible to take a plea arrangement or to receive treatment in lieu of incarceration. These are all aspects of a defense that must be understood from the start.

Two face drunk driving charges in separate, but linked, crashes

Tennesseans who are confronted with drunk driving charges will have a lot to think about as they begin to plan for a defense. Since being charged with drunk driving carries with it penalties like fines, the loss of driving privileges and even a jail sentence, it is imperative to have a sound defense to try and avoid the worst-case scenario. While being charged with driving under the influence is serious, it does not automatically mean the person is guilty. Knowing how to combat these charges is essential for the future.

TBI crime report shows most crime down, although murder is up

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation's annual crime report is out, and it continues to show most crimes are down. The total number of crimes reported last year was down by 1.09 percent, although certain individual types of crime were up.

Does Tennessee drunk driving law allow passengers to imbibe?

Most states don't allow the presence of open containers of alcohol in a moving vehicle. Even if the container is empty, if it's found in the vehicle by authorities at the time of a stop, it could result in you being charged with an open container violation. That might be in addition to a charge of drunk driving.

Winds of change on marijuana aren't blowing in Tennessee

Considering the shifts in the social landscape seen in the past few years, it may be tempting to think that attitudes are evolving at lightening speeds. That may be true in some cases. The legalizing of same-sex marriage happened quickly. The same cannot be said when it comes to legalizing marijuana, at least not in Tennessee.

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