Embezzlement Charges Cannot Be Taken Lightly

Charges of embezzlement involve the alleged theft of money or property by an employee from his or her employer. Embezzlement involves a violation of trust. For embezzlement to occur, an accused must be entrusted to handle money or property on behalf of an employer. Embezzlement also can occur between family members if, for example, one family member is given authority to handle the finances for an elderly relative, and then keeps some of that money for his or her own personal gain.

The punishment for embezzlement depends on the value of the money or property stolen. Theft of $500 or more is a felony and punishable with hefty fines and jail time. Theft of $500 or less is a misdemeanor, but conviction may still result in a jail sentence. It is critical to enlist the services of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney if you face charges of embezzlement or a related white collar crime.

Get A Jump On Your Defense

It is smart to speak with a lawyer even if you have only been questioned in an investigation. As a former prosecutor with the Nashville District Attorney's Office, I know how aggressive investigators can be in interrogations. I will stand by you at every step of an investigation to make sure your rights are protected. Taking proactive measures may prevent charges from being filed against you or help minimize the impact of charges once they are filed.

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