White Collar Criminal Charges Require Assertive Defense Strategies

White collar crime refers to nonviolent criminal acts that are intended to produce financial gain through deception, fraud or embezzlement. These crimes are frequently committed in business settings, although they may also include identity theft, tax evasion, insurance fraud, wire fraud or investing in stocks illegally by using insider information.

Because white collar crimes are often prosecuted in federal courts, effectively defending against these charges requires the services of a lawyer who has experience trying cases in federal courts, and who is comfortable going up against assertive federal prosecutors.

At Rob McGuire Law in Nashville, I bring that important experience to clients when defending against white collar criminal charges. I am a former prosecutor who has represented individuals who face federal white collar criminal charges, as well as advising corporate clients on how to deal with embezzlement in their own companies.

Important Resources To Develop Your Defense

The complexities of a white collar criminal investigation require extensive resources on the part of a defense team to build an effective counter argument. I work closely with forensic accountants, private investigators and other specialists who help me build strong defense arguments.

It frequently makes sense to contact an attorney even if you have only been questioned in connection with a white collar criminal investigation. I will protect your rights and ensure that investigators do not overstep their legal authority while building a case. Often, being proactive in these cases is a prescription for producing a positive outcome.

I represent clients throughout Middle Tennessee in the full range of white collar crimes, including:

  • Credit card theft
  • Identity theft
  • Insurance fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Forgery
  • Prescription fraud
  • Telemarketing fraud
  • Money laundering

Schedule A Free Consultation Immediately

Due to the assertive nature with which federal prosecutors operate, a white collar criminal case can move forward swiftly. It is wise to enlist the guidance of a knowledgeable defense attorney immediately to protect your interests and long-term future.

I am ready to fight for you and develop a defense strategy that best suits the facts of your case. Call 615-647-5625 or use my online contact form to schedule a free consultation.