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What are the penalties for underage DUI in Tennessee?

With the end of school for the summer in Tennessee, more and more young people will be out and about on the roadways. For some, this might mean having an alcoholic drink and choosing to get behind the wheel. It might simply involve possessing alcohol. The circumstances of this type of situation can vary. But what must be understood with possessing alcohol, underage drunk driving or underage DUI is the negative influence it can have on a juvenile's future. When there is an arrest, minors can face many penalties based on the circumstances. Knowing these penalties can help with a defense.

For people age 13 to 17, a conviction for a first offense drunk driving can result in a driver's license suspension for one year or until the juvenile reaches age 17 - whichever lasts longer. The person can apply with the court for the suspension being withdrawn earlier after 90 days have been served. For a second offense, the license suspension will be for two years until the person reaches age 18, whichever is longer.

Law enforcement officer faces DUI charge after crashing cruiser

In Tennessee, the general way in which drunk driving charges are lodged is if a law enforcement officer stops a vehicle and investigates a driver whom he or she believes was driving while intoxicated. From there, the driver will be spoken to, given tests to determine the amount of alcohol in the blood, or BAC level, and, if necessary, the arrest will be made. However, it is important to remember that everyone is subject to the laws against driving under the influence and there are times when a person who is supposed to be enforcing the law ends up being arrested and charged with being a drunk driver.

A deputy was on his way to a homicide investigation and was on duty when he crashed his police cruiser into another vehicle. The accident happened at around 9 p.m. Due to the crash, the other vehicle rolled over. The driver had to be hospitalized. When Tennessee State Troopers investigated, they found that the deputy smelled of alcohol.

Man arrested for operating under the influence on his boat

Drunk driving charges in Nashville and throughout Tennessee are often viewed as related to driving a car, but they can involve other vehicles as well. Operating a boat under the influence can also lead to charges and those who are confronted by them must be aware of their consequences and lodge a defense. Frequently, drunk driving charges of any vehicle will lead to other offenses unrelated to the initial investigation. This makes it even more essential to have legal assistance from someone experienced in multiple aspects of the law.

A man who works as a treatment provider for offenders in Nashville found himself under arrest for several charges related to operating under the influence and other violations. The man, 46, was alleged to have been operating a boat under the influence of marijuana and for exposing himself. The company he works for helps those who have been arrested. It provides help for substance abuse, domestic abuse and anger management. The man stated that the arrest was unwarranted because he jumped into the lake without clothes and he was under the impression that was allowed.

Are the penalties for a second DUI twice as severe?

Facing any type of criminal charge is a daunting and overwhelming prospect, especially when charged with the same crime for the second time. This is particularly true for a drunk driving offense in Tennessee. The state laws take a strong stance against repeat drunk driving offenders, and you would be wise to take quick action to defend yourself against potential penalties. 

second DUI can bring serious penalties if convicted. Despite the fact that you already have a DUI on your criminal record, you still have the right to defend yourself and secure the help of a qualified attorney. Your future and your freedom are still worth protecting. 

Legal help is essential in defense of white collar crime charges

For those in Tennessee who are arrested on white collar crime charges, it is important to understand that the penalties can be as severe or worse than criminal acts that are more frequently discussed and referenced in the news like drug involvement and violence. Acts that are included in this category are internet crime, fraud, identity theft, embezzling and other acts that are not violent, but are substantially damaging to the victim and can result in large fines, jail time and more for the alleged perpetrator. A strong defense is vital to effectively confront these charges.

White collar charges generally wind up being tried in federal court. Having a legal professional who is well-versed with the federal court system can make the difference in a case. Comparable to what the prosecution will do in the attempt to secure a conviction, a lawyer experienced in defending these charges will have a team of witnesses and experts to try and combat the charges. A forensic accountant, a private investigator and other specialists will go into the details of a case to determine the best way to fight them.

Attempted texting and driving stop leads to OUI, other charges

For some cases involving a driver placed under arrest for operating under the influence in Nashville, it starts with something totally unrelated to an investigation into an OUI offense. There could be a different alleged violation that sparked the traffic stop and the subsequent examination of the situation resulted in an arrest. For those who have been placed under arrest for drunk driving or drugged driving, it is important to understand the penalties that can accompany a conviction and that the case and its outcome can hinge on a variety of factors including whether it was a legal traffic stop.

A 29-year-old man was arrested on multiple charges after police stopped his vehicle. Initially, police attempted the stop because the driver was said to have been texting and driving and was not staying in his lane. When the vehicle was stopped, the officers detected a smell of marijuana and said they were going to search the vehicle. The driver asked that he be allowed to explain what was happening to his son, 11, who was also in the vehicle. He then got into the car and fled at speeds that surpassed 100 mph. Law enforcement pursued him and placed him under arrest for violating the law for implied consent, felony evasion of a police officer, DUI and child endangerment.

Who can face domestic assault charges and how is it classified?

There is a natural stigma against those who are confronted with domestic assault charges in Tennessee. Because the penalties can go beyond having to deal with the legal system and evolve to involving the way a person is viewed, negatively affect their work situation and be a long-term problem, it is essential that anyone charged in a domestic incident understand how the charges can come about, how the penalties are classified and lodge a strong defense to rectify the situation as best as possible.

There are many people who can be considered victims in a domestic incident. They are the following: adults or minors who are current or former spouses; adults or minors who cohabitate or cohabitated in the past; adults or minors who have been dating, dated in the past or had a sexual relationship - this does not include two people in a business or social circumstance who fraternized; adults or minors who are related by blood or through adoption; adults or minors who are related or were previously related via marriage; adults or minor children of a person who is in a relationship in the above-listed circumstances.

Care provider arrested for forgery and identity theft

Crimes involving identity theft, forgery and similar acts are usually perceived as having to do with large schemes in dark rooms and corporate entities. However, Nashville residents can also be charged with white collar crimes for committing the above-mentioned acts as well as other illegal activities in individual situations such as working for someone in their home. Whether the arrest is made as part of an investigation into a major enterprise with many participants or involves as few as two people, it is vital to craft a strong legal defense to avoid the harshest penalties.

A woman who had been hired to care for elderly people was placed under arrest for several white collar crimes. The woman, 49, had been hired by a service to care for impaired and elderly people. Adult Protective Services filed a complaint as to what they believed was happening and a law enforcement investigation commenced. It was found that the woman had allegedly stolen a check for $800 from a client and cashed it. The woman is accused of using the money to pay her rent. She was indicted on identity theft, forgery and abuse or neglect of a person 60 or older. She is no longer working for the company.

Rob McGuire Discusses Tad Cummins Case on ABC News

ABC's 20/20 recently delved into the case of Tad Cummins, a former teacher in Tennessee who was recently arrested in remote Oregon after he was found with a 15-year-old student. Cummins was extradited to Tennessee, where he is now facing federal charges of transporting a minor across state lines for the purpose of sexual activity.

Criminal Defense attorney Rob McGuire appeared on ABC News 2, the Nashville ABC affiliate, to discuss the case, drawing on his insight gained over working on both sides of federal criminal cases

Is my nursing license in jeopardy?

Despite the hectic pace and often thankless tasks, you probably love your job as a nurse. It may be a profession you aspired to since you were very young. When you received your license, your dream came true.

However, if you are facing a disciplinary hearing with the Tennessee Board of Nursing, you may be worried that all your efforts were for nothing if the board revokes that hard-earned license. While there may be countless reasons why the board may suspend or revoke a nurse's license, there are some actions that most frequently cost nurses their privilege to practice.

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